*I have The Right to Refuse Service to Anyone.

Policy Update and Pre-Procedure Instructions

Policy Update:

•Please give a 48 hour Notice if you can not make it to your appointment. 

•Booking Fee must be made in order to make appointment and for your spot to be saved, you will have 24 hours to pay your Booking Fee for your spot to be saved, after that then the next available spot will be given once paid for.

•Booking Fees will be forfeited for No Shows and a new Booking Fee will have to be made to book a new appointment.  

•Booking Fees can be made by Credit/Debit Card.

•When paying the remaining portion of your appointment, Cash, Credit or Debit is accepted (NO CHECKS).

•New Patients have to show up 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork in order to be ready by scheduled appointment time.  I take into consideration each patient is an individual and I want to meet their needs, please be patient as there can be a small wait time just like any cosmetic center.

•If your are 15+ minutes late from your original appointment time you will have to reschedule.  New Patients must come 15 minutes earlier then appointment time.  I will go over paper work plus drawing the shape could take 30 minutes or less depending on the patient.  I want to take my time on each person to ensure they are satisfied with out being rushed due to running over.  The initial appointment is 1.5 hours.


•No Breast Feeding/Pregnant 

•No waxing, plucking or threading 1 week prior to appointment.

•No Tanning 1 week prior to appointment.

•If getting eyeliner done bring glasses if you wear contacts. 

•Have ice packs before Procedure if getting eyeliner or lips done to help minimize swelling.

•No Caffeine before appointments.

•Get comfy and bring your headphones and a blanket. 

•No extra company will be allowed in the patient room, if you bring your children you will be asked to reschedule.

•No Blood thinners at all.

•You will not be able to sweat for 5 days after Appointment.

•If you are using or taking Retin A, Glycolic Acid or Accutane then Permanent Cosmetics can not be done while on it.  Please discuss with your doctor how long you can be off of it.

•Please Do NOT work out the day of the procedure as the body heat will expand the pores.   

•Avoid heavy sunlight and especially sunburn 7 days before procedure. Skin should not be in process of healing before procedure!

•Do NOT take any anti-inflammatories such as Aspirin.  Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen, omega-3, unless medically necessary, 48-72 hours prior to the procedure. (Tylenol or acetaminophen is okay!). Always talk with your Physician before stopping or taking any medication. 

•Do NOT drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure. 

The following treatments should be avoided within four weeks of the procedure:

* Botox or other fillers 

* Chemical Peels

* Laser treatments

About Me


  • Certified Medical Micropigmentologist in Oklahoma.
  • Certified PhiBrow Artist





-SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)

-Tattoo Removal

My goal for my patients is to make them all have more confidence when they walk out of my office  by enhancing their natural beauty with Permanent Cosmetics. 


3D Microblading is the same as cosmetic tattooing and can be done manually with a hand tool and a configuration of needles that mimic the look of a blade which implants pigment into the layers of skin to give the eyebrows a more natural realistic look.  Pictures are posted to show the different styles of brows I do,  and ”Cookie Cutter” Eyebrows are not one of them.  I take lots of measurements to get the shape that fits your face and no one else’s and have been trained by the best.  I go into detail, showing you the shape and color as well as getting your approval before starting the actual Microblading Process.  Topical is used to minimize any discomfort you may have during your session.  


I have been a Cosmetologist for over 10 years and also a Dental Assistant for 7 years.  I traveled to Florida after becoming a Certified Medical Micropigmentologist the beginning of 2016 in Oklahoma to better my technique at Microblading.  I continue to keep learning and adding services to better serve my patients needs.  My knowledge in patient care is advanced and I'm always putting them first.  I use high quality sterilization equipment to ensure each patient has nothing to worry about.  


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